Your free library card opens a world of resources to you, from books and magazines to downloadable content and computer time at our library.

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Borrowing privileges – How to Get a Library Card 

  Library Cards are free to the residents of the City of Herrin while Non-Residents Cards are available to rural residents inside the Herrin School District for a rate of $55 per household. Those people who live within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Herrin City Library need pay no additional fee to be eligible to receive their first library card. Library cards are renewed every year (issued for three years) without additional fees provided the library cardholder continues to reside within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Herrin City Library, and is a patron in good standing.   For more details visit the Borrower’s Card Page under Library Policies.


Your Child’s First Library Card

Congratulations on your child’s new card! We are so happy to have you join the Herrin City Library family! Here are a few tips to help you have a great library experience:

Tips for Choosing Books

  • Find books together. You are encouraged to choose library materials with your child to ensure your child is checking out materials appropriate for your family.
  • Read what interests your child. Comic books, graphic novels, non-fiction, historical fiction, fantasy — there are so many different styles that may interest your child. Choose what they love to help them love reading. 
  • Ask a Librarian. Not sure what to read next? Our Librarians love to help kids and families find their next great book!  Just stop by and ask us! 
  • Read a review. Need Help Finding a Book? Check out these resources to help find your next favorite book.