Unattended Children Policy

The Herrin City Library staff is committed to help children with activities related to the Library.  From time to time the Herrin City Library schedules or provides programs which are designed and suitable for attendance by children without parental supervision.  Such program announcements will so indicate. If no indication is included in the program announcements then supervision is required.

For all other visits to the Library, children age eight and under must be accompanied and directly supervised by a parent or other responsible caregiver who is at least fourteen years of age.  When the safety or behavior of an unattended child is in doubt, or the parent or responsible caregiver cannot be located, or if the Library is closing, Library staff is authorized to call the police and two staff members will stay with the child until the police arrive.  In the event a young person is still at the library 15 minutes after the library closes to the public, the police will be called to pick up the young person.  Attempts will be made during that 15 minutes to reach parents but in no instance will staff take any young person home. 

Unattended Children Parental Notification Letter


Dear _______________________,


                The Herrin City Library has recently experienced an incident involving your child, ___________________________________________________________________, when he/she was on Library grounds unattended by you or a responsible caregiver.  A copy of the Library’s policy on Unattended Children is enclosed here for your attention.  We ask that you review this policy and make every effort to follow it.  We do not wish to suspend Library privileges for you or your family, but the safety of children as well as the proper operation of the Library is our first responsibility.  If you have any questions regarding this policy or its enforcement, please contact the undersigned.

Very truly yours,



Library Director or Board President

Updated 1-9-2017