Electronic Information Networks Registration and User Agreement – Parental Consent


Juvenile Patron’s Name (Please Print)


______________________                                                               ____________________

Last                                                 First                                                          Date of Birth


Registration and User Agreement


  1. I have read the policies concerning the use of the Herrin City Library’s Internet computer and agree to abide by the policies.
  2. I agree to pay any repair or replacement costs of equipment or software damaged by myself or by minors for whom I am responsible.
  3. I understand that copyright laws restrict duplication of copyrighted software, and I will follow all copyright laws.
  4. I understand that if I fail to abide by the Herrin City Library’s Internet policies, I will lose eligibility for use of this service.
  5. I understand and acknowledge that the Internet contains material of a controversial nature including pornography, obscenity, inflammatory or dangerous material, and that Herrin City Library has no control over the Internet and assumes no responsibility for the content, quality, accuracy, currency or appropriateness of any Internet resources.


Juvenile Patron’s Signature:                                                                                                              


Library Card ID or Barcode Number:                                                                          Date _______


Only with a parents’ consent will the Herrin City Library issue your child a pin number. The pin number will allow your child to log into the 3M – eBook and Audio book program, will also allow your child access to the resources available on the Herrin City Library Website 24/7, and will also allow your child to log into the public access computers at the library with or without your presence in the library if your child visits the library (with or without you.) It is the parent’s responsibility to monitor a child’s access to the internet at home and at the Herrin City Library. 


     Ο  I do NOT want my child to be issued a pin number. 


      Ο  I DO want my child to be issued a pin number.


For Patrons under the age of 18:

As the parent or guardian of                                                                                                  

I give permission for my child to use the Internet computer(s) at the Herrin City Library, with the understanding that I am responsible for monitoring my child’s appropriate use of this service and that I am responsible for any damage that may occur and that I have read, understand and agree to the above statements.



Parent or Guardian Signature:                                                                                        






Updated: 8-1-2016