Herrin City Library

Borrowing privileges – Registration requirements

    The Herrin City Library is a tax supported municipal public library serving the City of Herrin. This means that people residing within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Herrin City Library pay taxes to support the library. Those people who live within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Herrin City Library need pay no additional fee to be eligible to receive their first library card. Library cards are renewed every year (issued for three years) without additional fees provided the library cardholder continues to reside within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Herrin City Library, and is a patron in good standing.  There is a fee of One Dollar to replace damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen library cards. The fee is doubled for each card replaced. An address check is made every six months. 

    As a resident cardholder, the borrower identified on the valid borrower’s card may physically take his or her library card to another library to borrow materials.  Those materials are the responsibility of the individual who borrows them, and are subject to all of the fines, rules, and regulations of the lending library.  Often libraries limit the borrowing privileges of reciprocal borrowers, and it is best to establish local rules and procedures before making your selections.

    Individuals residing beyond the jurisdictional boundaries of the Herrin City Library, and not within the boundaries of another public library, and owning no property within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Herrin City Library may purchase a family Non-Resident fee card for the price of $55 per year, effective July 1, 2017. This fee entitles the entire family to use the Herrin City Library. Non-resident cardholders can borrow materials from other libraries through Interlibrary Loan through the Herrin City Library.

    Under the Illinois Compiled Statutes, an individual without tax-supported library service is eligible to purchase access to library service from the public library serving their school district. This patron card is referred to as a Non-Resident card. As of 2002, this Non-Resident card “shall allow for borrowing privileges at all participating public libraries in the regional library system.”  (From: 75 ILCS 16/30-55.60 or 75 ILCS 5/4-7(12)) So when a non-resident purchases a card from a public library within IHLS, that card is valid at any IHLS public library AND other Illinois public libraries. More information about non-resident cards may be found at IHLS: Reciprocal Borrowing. 

    If you reside beyond the jurisdictional boundaries of the Herrin City Library, but own property within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Herrin City Library, upon presentation of a tax bill bearing your name, you may have one library card for the exclusive use of the individual whose name appears on its face without additional payment as is the case with people who reside within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Herrin City Library.

    Adults wishing to register for a borrower’s card must bring with them two forms of identification at least one of which bears their name and address.  These forms of identification include but are not limited to driver’s license, utility bills, mail, or voter’s registration card. Applicants are asked to supply their birth date on the registration card. Applicants are required to supply either their Social Security number or Illinois Driver’s License number for the registration record. Applicants are also asked to supply a Reference giving the name, address, and telephone number. The reference can be a friend, neighbor, or relative who does not reside at the same address as the applicant. The reference will not usually be contacted unless it is necessary to locate the applicant after all other means have been exhausted. All information provided to the Herrin City Library for registration will be kept confidential and will not be released outside the Herrin City Library.

    Children age 15 and under must have a parent’s signature on any initial application for a library card.  The application must be completed with both the child and adult present in the library. Children may have a borrower’s card in their own name when they reach 3 years old.  Children under the age of 16 may use the proof of residency provided by their parent.  Children 16 and over may choose to provide their own proof of residency, or use that of their parent.

    Individuals presenting a valid card from another public library in Illinois may borrow materials from the Herrin City Library. The card must have the name of the individual presenting it and an expiration date in the future.  The card must be either a resident borrower’s card or a system borrower’s card to be valid for reciprocal borrowing. (Non-Resident Cards are valid only at the issuing library and are not eligible for reciprocal borrowing at any other library, per the statutory laws of the state of Illinois.)

    Individuals presenting valid borrower’s cards issued by the Herrin City Library are eligible to borrow materials from the Herrin City Library when the following conditions are met:

  1. No materials which are more than one circulation period are overdue on their card.
  2. No outstanding fines in aggregate excess of $5.00 have accrued to their card.
  3. No materials borrowed for them from another library are overdue in any amount.

    The library staff may not waive these regulations without the specific permission of the library director, however, the patron may request and receive a 24 hour hold on the item(s) he or she wishes to check out to allow the patron to correct the situation which has resulted in loss of eligibility to borrow.

These policies regarding library cards and borrowing privileges are modeled upon examples approved and recommended by the Illinois State Library, the Illinois Library Association, and the American Library Association.