8th November 2016 Agenda

Call to Order at 6:30pm

  • Roll Call of Trustees (Present and Absent)
  • Audience to Visitors

Secretary’s Report

  • Correspondence
  • Reading & Approval of the Minutes for 11th October 2016 Meeting

Treasurer’s Report

  • Review & Approval of the Bills to be paid in November 2016
  • October 2016 City Budget Report for the Library
  • Financial Balance Statement for October 2016

Librarians’ Report for October 2016

  • Library Directors Reports – Susan Mullen

Illinois Heartland Library System Report & Illinois Library Association (ILA) news

  • Status updates

Committee Reports

  • Building & Grounds – Shirley Muckley & Sue Tresnak
  • Community Enrichment – Barbara Guebert
  • Library Development & Technology – Mandara Savage
  • Special Gifts Committee – Paula Siefert
  • Friends Liaison – James Starnes
  • Herrin History Room –

Old Business

  • Square Update
  • Any Old or Unfinished Business

New Business

  • Library Tax Levy Letter
  • Holidays Schedule 2017
  • Children’s Librarian Applicants
  • Any other New Business

Closed Executive Session (if necessary)


Next Meeting Date =   13th December 2016 – 6:30pm


NOVEMBER 8, 2016

PRESENT:  Eisenhauer, Frost, Muckley, Priest, Savage, Siefert, Starnes, Tresnak

ABSENT:  Guebert


ROLL CALL:  No visitors.  No correspondence

Meeting was called to order by President Eisenhauer.

SECRETARY’ REPORT:  Minutes from the October meeting were reviewed.  Savage moved we accept the minutes.  Priest seconded.  Motion passed.


  1. Bills to Be Paid: A motion to approve the payment of November bills was made by Frost. Starnes seconded.  Motion passed. 
  2. City Budget Report: A motion was made to accept the City Budget Report for the Library by Tresnak. Savage seconded.  Motion passed.  October, the 6th month into the yearly budget was at 49.4% of Budget.
  3. Financial Balance Statement: A motion was made by Tresnak to accept the report on the Financial Balance Statement for October, 2016. Savage seconded.  Motion passed. 


LIBRARIAN REPORT:  The librarian reported an increase in circulation for October.  Also, an increase in Inter-library Loan usage was noted, 30-33% compared to usage a year ago.  The website at 1,761 views is at the highest traffic recorded. Mullen reported that Assistant Librarian/Children’s Librarian, Irena Just, will retire on December 15, 2016.  Her last working day will be October 27, 2016.  The vacancy has been advertised. 


ILLINOIS HEARTLAND LIBRARY SYSTEM REPORT AND ILA NEWS: Mullen attended a training Library Law Day in Carlyle, and also attended Members Matter Meeting in Carbondale. The current delivery system which is on a day by day as needed basis is working in an acceptable manner.     


Building and grounds-No report (Muckley and Tresnak)

Community Enrichment-No report (Guebert)

Library Development and Technology-No report (Savage)

Special Gifts Committee-No report (Siebert)

Friends Liaison-Book sale on Dec. 3 and 5 (Starnes)

History Room-Cheryl Trench will do a program about the Harrison Family Bible donation (Mullen)

OLD BUSINESS:  Mullen reported that Lazerware has upgraded the security for the Square and the library now accepts credit cards.  The outdoor electric sign is on hold while other pending business is being worked on.  The sign will be discussed at a later date.

NEW BUSINESS:  Siebert moved we submit the tax levy to the Herrin City Council.  Starnes seconded.  Motion passed.  Siebert moved we accept the 2017 Holiday Schedule.  Muckley seconded.  Motion passed.  Mullen will continue to advertise and interview candidates for the Assistant Librarian position.  The Christmas party will be at the beginning of the December Board meeting.  The Board meeting will be changed to 7 PM on December 13th for the Christmas Party.  Eisenhauer , Siebert, Muckley,  and Mullen will plan and execute a reception for Irena Just.  They will inform the public.

Starnes moved we adjourn.

Respectively submitted

Sue Conaway Tresnak, acting Secretary

Nancy Eisenhauer, President