14th February 2017Agenda

Call to Order at 6:30 pm

  1. Roll Call of Trustees (Present and Absent)
  2. Audience to Visitors


Secretary’s Report

  1. Correspondence
  2. Reading & Approval of the Minutes for 10th January 2017 Meeting


Treasurer’s Report

  1. Review & Approval of the Bills to be paid in February 2017
  2. January 2017 City Budget Report for the Library
  3. Financial Balance Statement for January 2017


Librarians’ Report for January 2017

  1. Library Directors Reports – Susan Mullen


Illinois Heartland Library System Report & Illinois Library Association (ILA) news

  1. Status updates


Committee Reports

  1. Building & Grounds – Shirley Muckley & Sue Tresnak
  2. Community Enrichment – Barbara Guebert
  3. Library Development & Technology – Mandara Savage
  4. Special Gifts Committee – Paula Siefert
  5. Friends Liaison – James Starnes
  6. Herrin History Room –


Old Business

  1. Any Old or Unfinished Business


New Business

  1. First Draft of FY17/18 Review
  2. Any other New Business


Closed Executive Session (if necessary)


Next Meeting Date =   14th March 2017 – 6:30pm

Herrin City Library

Board of Trustees Meeting, February 14, 2017

PRESENT:  Frost, Guebert, Priest, Siefert, Starnes, Tresnak

ABSENT:  Eisenhauer, Muckley, Savage


Roll Call:  Visitor Joe Gore requested permission to donate art work (clown pictures) done by his father.  Librarian Mullen will arrange a meeting between herself, Mr. Gore, and Children’s Librarian to discuss the donation. No correspondence. 

Meeting was called to order by Guebert.

SECRETARY’S REPORT:  Tresnak moved the January minutes be approved.  Frost seconded. Motion passed.

TREASUER’S REPORT:  The treasurer reported that the Budget should be 75% consumed , but is at 83,7% because Library Insurance is up and the costs have all been covered for Irena  Just’s retirement. Frost moved to approve the Bills to be paid in February 2017.  Priest seconded. Motion passed. Priest moved we accept the City Budget Report for the Library.  Starnes seconded. Motion passed. Siefert moved we accept the Financial Statement for February.  Frost seconded.  Motion passed.

LIBRARIAN’S REPORT:  Mullen passed out a prepared Description by Purpose sheet for the Board to review as a clearer understanding of the Library finances and the Budgeted amount to help cover the areas.  The total estimate is $314,236.00 for next fiscal year.  A salary schedule for the employees was also suggested by Mullen.  The total expenditure if accepted would be $184,954.  Health Insurance, IMRF, FICA, etc. were included in the estimated package. January 2017 had an increase in circulation of 7% Compared to January 2016. OPAC was up by 30% compared to one year ago.  HCL has a total of 5,477 registered users. Website traffic was at an all time high at 1,853 views.

ILLINOIS HEARTLAND LIBRARY SYSTEM REPORT AND ILA NEWS:  –Last meeting was in Anna-all is going well according to Mullen who attended the meeting.


Building and Grounds.  Tresnak reported the floors need attention.  Mullen will schedule.

Community Enrichment:  No report

Library Development: No report

Special Gifts Committee: No report

Friend Liaison: $580 was made at the last book sale.  Pancake breakfast is March 11, 2017 reported by Starnes

Herrin History Room:  Slide show is being prepared for Festa

OLD BUSINESS:  CD to be renewed

NEW BUSINESS:  First Draft of FY 17/18 reviewed by the Board.  New officers will be elected at the next meeting.

Adjournment:   Starnes moved we adjourn.

Respectively submitted

Sue Conaway Tresnak, acting Secretary