Organized by Subject:  (Teacher Resources are at the bottom.) 

Very complete site for grades 1 through college
with Google search provided.


An advanced information site useful
for facts, statistics and current information.


An advanced site providing mathematics
graphing and simulation tools.


CIA World Factbook

Information about history, people, government, economy, and other facts about nearly every country in the world.


Citation Guides from Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab

Use these when writing research papers to make sure your citations and format style are correct. For MLA or APA citations.

Khan Academy

Local teachers and students use this site to do practice exercises and view instructional videos in math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more. The personalized learning dashboard allows learners to track their progress and study at their own pace.

  • KidsClick: A comprehensive search engine organized

KidsClick - Web search for kids by librarians

ACT Prep

ACT Prep: Many links for understanding the test and practice questions

Art & Music:




  • AAA Math
    Basic math site offering interactive practice, lessons and games, searchable by grade (Kindergarten through Eighth Grade) and math topic (such as addition or fractions).
  • ABCYa 
    Find fun games just right for grades K through five!
  • Bedtime Math 
    Daily math problems for mathematicians of every age.
  • Kids’ Place Mathematics
    Try out some brain teasers and find out tips for problem solving.
  • Math Is Fun 
    Math activities for all ages to encourage learning by doing.
  • The Mint
    Complete challenges to be money smart!
  • PurpleMath
    This site created by a math teacher includes free tutorials, quizzes and worksheets.
  • Real Life Math
    Algebra, geometry and probability explored through real-world scenarios!
  • Web Math
    Solve any math problem immediately.


  • KidsHealth
    Read articles, take quizzes, and watch videos about health, nutrition, and fitness.
  • Kidnetic
    Learn about food, fun, and fitness on this website that includes scavenger hunts, fitness challenges, recipes, and more.
  • Let’s Move
    Join the First Lady in activities that encourage kids to get moving and exercise more.
  • Nutrition Explorations
    Learn about the foods you should eat from the National Dairy Council.
  • The Super Crew for Kids
    Learn healthy eating habits from the Super Crew!
  • My Plate: (The “New” Food Guide Pyramid) 

      Resources include games, activity sheets, kid-friendly recipes, and physical activity tips. 

Science & Technology: 

  • 24/7 ScienceActivities anytime…anywhere and for anyone.

  • Inventors

    Find information on famous inventors or discover how to become an inventor.

  • Carnegie Science Center: STEMisphere is a community resource that lists STEM-related programs, classes, events and more for kids Pre-K through Grade 12, parents, educators and partners!
  • Chem4Kids
    Discover chemistry by learning about reactions, elements, atoms, etc.
  • Earth Floor
    Dive into plate tectonics, geologic time, biomes and other earth-related topics.
  • Energy Education
    Learn energy facts, energy history, and play some games.
  • Energy for Kids
    Find out what it is, how to save it, and its history.
  • Hands-On Science
    Quick and easy science experiments for preschoolers to high schoolers.
  • How Stuff Works
    Learn about how all kinds of stuff works-from batteries to money to toys.
  • KidsBiology
    Learn about the origins of life, classification, animal kingdoms, human biology, and more.
  • KidsDinos
    Explore dinosaurs by learning fun facts, memorizing dinosaur names and discovering the work of paleontologist.
  • My Plate Kids’ Place
    Learn to live healthy.
  • NASA Kids’ Club
    Explore the outer limits of space.
  • Ology
    Astronomy, paleontology, zoology and much more!
  • Science Buddies
    Discover the perfect science fair project for you!
  • Discovery Education transforms classrooms, empowers teachers and captivates students by leading the way in providing high quality, dynamic, digital content to school districts large and small.

Science Fair Projects:

  • Science Fair Central from
    Visit the Science Fair Studio for a Handbook outlining everything you need to know about creating a science project, a list of project ideas, and a helpful bibliography on science projects. Also check out frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) and tip sheets.
  • Science Fair Project Resource Guide
    Provides websites that take you through all of the steps of creating a good science fair project.
  • Successful Science Fair Projects
    Provides the sections for a science project, as well as display tips. This site was created by a science teacher and former science fair organizer and judge.

Social Studies: 

Writers’ Resources 

(Find out how to cite your sources on the HCL’s Library Links Page under Citations & Style Guides)

Browse poems by popular theme
Exists to promote and protect the careers of professional horror writers and those seeking to enter their ranks
APA and MLA styles, grammar, and a whole lot more. Searchable.
SFWA is a professional organization for authors of science fiction, fantasy and related genres

Teacher Resources

Autism Spectrum Disorder:


Extensive directory of links to online resources “to provide 1) balanced information concerning educational assessment and 2) resources to encourage responsible test use.”
A clearinghouse of federal government sites for teachers and educators, organized by subject.


Dyslexia Videos:


Dyslexia Book List:

Available to borrow from other libraries in our system.

  1. Dyslexia Is Not a Disease – It’s a Learning Difference [2015]
  2. The Dyslexia Help Handbook for Parents [2014]
  3. Journey Into Dyslexia Packet (Kit) [2014]
  4. Living With Dyslexia [2014] 
  5. Handy Health Guide to Dyslexia [2014]


Official web site of Practical Homeschooling magazine
Provides information about different curriculum, products and services offered to the homeschooling community.

Special Education & Disabilities:

Over 60 free articles, and links to more information and national support groups.
CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder) and NADDA are the two main organizations providing information about ADD and ADHD.
Practical guides for people living with learning disabilities, with tips for parents and teachers and many more topics.
CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder) and NADDA are the two main organizations providing information about ADD and ADHD.
Practical guides for people living with learning disabilities, with tips for parents and teachers and many more topics.