About Getting a Borrower’s Card
    The Herrin City Library serves the City of Herrin and gets its tax support from Property Taxes collected on real estate within the city. As a result, Library Cards are Free to the Residents of the City of Herrin. To get a Card you will need to provide a photo ID with your current Herrin address and a piece of recent (within 7 days) official mail with your name and address on it.  If your ID does not show your current Herrin address, you will need to bring some other form of identification such as a Herrin Water bill, Electric bill, telephone bill, checking account book, Voter’s Registration Card, or statement, or other official statement with your name and Herrin address. Cards can be issued immediately when proper proof of address is provided.

For more details visit the Borrower’s Card Page under Library Policies, or contact the Herrin City Library at 618-942-6109.