Security Camera Policy

Purpose of Security Cameras

The Herrin City Library has security cameras to enhance the safety and security of Library patrons, staff, and property.  Security cameras are used to discourage illegal behavior and policy violations, to enhance the opportunity to apprehend offenders, and to provide recorded data relevant to the control of Library security and operations.  The security camera installation consists of dedicated cameras providing real-time surveillance and recorded archival data.  There is no audio recording associated with the cameras.

Staff Access to Digital Images

Live surveillance and recorded data are accessible in staff areas only.  Only the following administrative staff members are permitted to release recorded archival data to law enforcement in compliance with this policy: Library Director and Library Board of Trustees President.  Such authorized administrative staff may direct other staff to access and isolate live or recorded data related to a specific incident or may ask other staff to view live or recorded data in order to ascertain security concerns.  Authorized staff shall notify the Library Director whenever archival video data is accessed.

Acceptable Use and Patron Privacy

Activity on Library Property

Authorized staff may use live surveillance, a still shot, or selected portions of recorded data to assess the security risk of a specific individual, to investigate a crime on library property, to request law enforcement assistance, to validate serious or repeated policy violations, to alert staff to banned or repeatedly disruptive individuals, or to address internal security/operational concerns.  In the discharge of such duties, authorized staff members are permitted to connect the recorded digital image with identification data available on the Library’s patron databases.

Requests from Law Enforcement and Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS)

Authorized staff may use live surveillance or recorded data to cooperate with DCFS or law enforcement investigations of criminal activity, missing persons, or runaways.  Any such video data provided to law enforcement or DCFS will be with the knowledge and authorization of the Library Director or Library Board of Trustees President. Video Surveillance data will only be released to Law Enforcement and DCFS by the Library Director or the Library Board of Trustees President, and will not be available to the general public or patrons. 



In all other respects, recorded data will be accorded the same level of confidentiality and protection provided to Library patrons by Illinois State law, the Library’s policies, and the American Library Association’s policies on confidentiality and privacy, with footage released only in accordance with and as required by law.


Adopted and Approved 9-12-2017