14th November 2017Agenda

  1. Call to Order at 6:30 pm

Roll Call of Trustees (Present and Absent)

Audience to Visitors

  • Visitor- Melissa Frankel


2. Secretary’s Report

  1. Correspondence
  2. Reading & Approval of the Minutes for 10th October 2017 Meeting


3. Treasurer’s Report

A.Review & Approval of the Bills to be paid in November 2017

B. October 2017 City Budget Report for the Library

C. Financial Balance Statement for November 2017

4. Librarians’ Report for October 2017

A. Library Directors Reports – Susan Mullen

B. Children’s Librarian Report – Allison Albert

5. Illinois Heartland Library System Report & Illinois Library Association (ILA) news

A. Status updates

6. Committee Reports

A. Building & Grounds – Sue Tresnak

B. Community Enrichment – Barbara Guebert

C.Library Development & Technology – Mandara Savage

D. Special Gifts Committee – Paula Siefert

E. Friends Liaison – James Starnes

  1. Herrin History Room –


7. Old Business

A. Selection Policy – To Approve

B. Security & Cameras – Update


8. New Business

A. Building Maintenance Tax & Property Tax – To Approve

B. Holiday Schedule 2018 – To Approve

C. Board Terms 2018 – Update

D. Trustee Nominations

E. Library Part-Time Job Circulation Assistant Vacancy – To Approve Salary

F. Christmas Party


  1. Closed Executive Session (if necessary)


  1. Adjournment


Next Meeting Date = 12th December 2017– 6:30pm